About St Saviour's Intermission

Intermission: journeys of creation through stories of faith.

St Saviour's Church is the most beautiful building in the heart of Knightsbridge, that offers a sense of peace and tranquility to it's community and passers by.

First erected in 1840, the Church continues to be a beacon of light, and has not been been afraid of change to serve our ever changing world today.

In 1999 the Rev. Rob Gillion took charge of the parish with instructions from the then Bishop -Michael Colclough- to be creative.

Rob was a professional actor for the first fourteen years of his working life before being called to serve in the Church. He and his wife's (Janine) faith, combined with their background as professional actors became the founding blocks for the birth of a creative vision and Theatre Church at St Saviours, they named it Intermission.

The idea was to be a support network for Christian artists in London, but God had other plans in store, and the mission quickly grew and led to creating the work of Intermission Theatre, Intermission Youth Theatre, Intermission Outreach and Intermission Pictures, where the deeper understanding of God through Arts Media is explored.

Rob is now Bishop of the Diocese, NSW, Riverina. Australia.